Wow, Pow, Holy Cow sent to my friend




Wow: I hung out with my local hong kong Spikeball team till 12:30a last night. The banter, jokes, and crew was all off the charts. And entirely in Cantonese! I love seeing my community grow and my heart for them grow. We’re going to Bali in September for the Spikeball Asia Cup! Remember when we played on the beach? Life was so simple then. Took a BlaBlaCar that didn’t get lost, got some food, played on beach, spent time together as new friends, and easy train back. So unglamorous, with hints of mundane, yet one of of the best days of my life. 

Pow: It seems like my equanimity (ability to stay level headed despite good or bad circumstances) has significantly decreased. I’ve been meditating every day since Jan 2020. So why do I find myself fuming under my breath when I can’t find my friend’s apartment in the maze of Hong Kong? I spent 10 days meditating 10 hours a day at a retreat. Shouldn’t I be better at this? Small complaint. 

Holy Cow: I find myself slowly losing desire for worldly things. Who cares about all these swanky women at the Four Seasons Bar? And that advert of Johnny Depp playing the electric guitar selling some cologne. And gossipping about rich families in Hong Kong who have it better than everyone. Shouldn’t your heart yearn for things that are greater? That please you eternally and won’t wither away? I think, “wow maybe I’m actually growing as a Christian.” Then I think, oh shoot am I just self brainwashing myself? Am I just catering my thoughts and behavior so I fit in better with my community? Which cognitive bias am I buying into now? Yeah who cares about cologne, but I’d really love to spend some money on some camera gear… Bleh. This whole faith thing is hard, but it’s cool to see some semblance of growth/learning


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