You actually suck at singing




You know when you sing along to the radio, you sound pretty dang good. Your voice perfectly matches to the artist’s. You’re grooving. Until you turn off the radio, and now it’s just you singing. You realize you actually sound bad.

That’s the same with everything you do. Or at the very least, a lot of what you do. Your golf swing is actually pretty cooked. If you examine your thoughts about your mother, they’re more deprecating than affirming. You probably found your hand in the cookie jar more than not.

If a camera crew followed literally everybody around, you’d realize everybody just sucks.

Then you realize nobody really cares… Yes everybody sucks. And it doesn’t really matter.

You actually suck at singing, but you’re going to sing anyways. You’re going to keep swinging. You’re going to try and love your mother better.

Anyways, there’s no point turning off the radio!


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